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Hi everyone... I suck at these things

watery buffalo

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So I am new and thought I should make one of these threads. 

I am a longtime R* fan. Loved all the GTA's, RDR, Bully, ect. 

Very happy to see a new RDR coming out next year. Was hoping it would happen this year. Eh. Either way, I hope spending time on here will help me stay stable till the game comes out! haha

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23 hours ago, DarkShark said:

Hey there. Yeah it will help. We are getting a new Bully after RDR2, I am sure you heard about that. I am interested to see how that one pans out myself. I know I will love RDR2 for sure. Without a doubt.

I think the next Bully will be good just based on the direction they have gone since the last one. I am still hoping for another one like LA Noire. 

Also, Welcome Buffalo!

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On 6/28/2017 at 0:44 AM, watery buffalo said:

Thanks guys for the welcomes. Everyone seems really easy going on here. nice to see that on a gaming forum. So many I have seen people are biting each other's heads off! :/

Give it time. Trolls always find a way in. Seems like two things are true of forums... Once they get popular, you have to deal with spam, trash, and bots. 

Welcome as well. 

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