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  1. Arthur may look like the typical soccer dad but I am sure he will have a depth to him and the fact that we get to choose to have him be more hurtful or more helpful really intrigues me. In GTA V.... I was one of the few who didn't really care for the switching stories. I mean it was different and "fun" at the beginning but just became too complex to keep up with as the game progressed.
  2. His hair and clothing will be customizable for sure but it works how Benjo mentioned. I find it more realistic and appealing. Like you might be given the option to shave or have your hair cut but if you don't bother, you look like someone who lives out the woods.
  3. I'll hop on when I finish the story like most other people here seem to have said. I don't know if I will go on by myself or not. It is likely because I stay up way later than my friends do. Some are in college and some work morning shifts. My work schedule allows me to stay up till like 4 or 5AM with no issue.
  4. 1. Yes and no. I am honestly not too worried about it. They know people would turn on them if they made it like a grab cash fest. 2. They are bringing the microtransactions to the game but to what extent, I do not know. 3. I don't think it has been mentioned by them. It would seem unlikely given the lack of cars in the game but who knows. 4. I believe they mentioned sticking to the same model at GTA V and releasing it like 2 weeks after the game comes out.
  5. I do wonder how beat up and dirty Arthur's clothing will get throughout the story. Seeing the mud stick to him makes me assume the snow will be sticking to him as well. Maybe we will be able to get our attire filled with holes and all that and actually need to take it into a tailor or buy new stuff.
  6. Welcome. My older sister loves Freddie. I can't tell you how many times I hear his music when I am at her house or in the car with her. I swear that is all she listens to. He was a cool dude. Never big on his music but I can't hate on his talent. Anyways, hope you have a great time here.
  7. A friend got me hooked on this playlist. They run it live most days. I just put it on as background music when I am browsing online or playing a game where the music isn't as good.
  8. We are going to have a nice mix of animals and general NPCs. The lack of cars and lots of people walking around a major city will be made up with amazing wildlife I am sure.
  9. I'm not opposed to sex scenes if they add to the context in the game but they don't need to show full on nudity or even be graphic. I think the one show of it in the first one was more of a shock factor. Like you did not expect to see it walking into that house. You can also have strong sexually suggestive things in a game without even showing anything pertaining to sex... Look at MGS 5. That was a bit cringe for me.
  10. I like this kind of concept for some games but not all games. I don't think it would work for RDR2. Not that it couldn't be implemented but it isn't Rockstar's style to focus on relationships between characters unless it is strictly storyline related I know in GTA 4, you were able to go out on a date and depending on how it went, go on more and all that. Is that the kind of thing you are referring to?
  11. I don't know if it would make a difference but sometimes adblockers screw up sites so if you have one running, turn it off. I had that happen to me before on another gaming site. It wouldn't load anything and after I turned everything off it worked fine.
  12. My friend tried getting me into it but I never bit. The graphics do look really good but the game, ehh I wasn't interested in the first one so it likely won't be something I play.
  13. This is a legit part of playing and not a triggered cutscene thing? I thought it was the latter. I will have to rewatch it again.
  14. I was going to try it out but I decided to wait like you. I am not sure how long this will be in beta though. If it is going to be for a few months, my curiosity may get the better of me.
  15. Punished how? My views are this... If you are a public figure, this means you have a following and some kind of influence over a decent chunk of people. If you start doing or saying things to be funny or whatever and it is actually racist, sexist, etc. then you should be punished via temporary banning. Facebook, Twitter, and the like need to establish this for EVERYONE EQUALLY though. You can't knit pick and only punish one religion/belief and not the other or one political party/view and not the other. What sucks though is no one is willing to sit in the middle. They all feel the need to pick sides which makes things unfair and it is hard to not take notice.
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