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  1. I am wondering what they have in store for us once the game is out of beta in terms of outfits and what not. I haven't seen much I liked thus far.
  2. Like mentioned, your only option is the make the game harder yourself. I am not sure if this is something they will bother adding or not. Seems unlikely. I would guess that it might be a feature for future Rockstar games if it interests enough people or if the game warrants it. I had nice struggle points in the game so I was satisfied with the difficulty.
  3. I think the way they have it set up is that you have to pay for upgrades and optional pieces to carry more. Leveling up doesn't give you any sort of perks in this department, unfortunately.
  4. Not to pull this away from the OP, but when it comes to hunting and XP, do you get more for doing manual hunting? (Using your knife vs your gun) I am not sure if there is a difference or not but if there is, I want to see if it is worth it.
  5. I am not sure if this has happened since the last update or not as I don't play Showdown all that often but I had noticed this as well and I am not sure how they are able to hide their details. Maybe there is an option somewhere? I couldn't find it.
  6. My buddy started joining open posses and this has happened to him almost every single time now. I am not sure if there is away around this but I think posses that do this crap should be kept closed or something as punishment.
  7. That is a good pace to have the game feel quit long. When the game first came out, I was playing for several hours a day but it still felt like a lengthly game to me.
  8. I know a few like this as well. I get why people want to stick with GTA V. I meant now and then I still have fun with it with a group of friends but I always preferred RDR over GTA since it came out so I will be sticking with this game till the next GTA comes out and if they continue to support it, I will continue to play it even after.
  9. There is a group of players, I believe they are all in a posse together. My buddy knows a few from another forum and they been bugging him for some time on RDR2O. He said that they somehow always end up on the server he is on. He doesn't even know how they are doing it. They are all on Xbox. I play on PS so I am not sure what he can do in terms of blocking them. If it is a console option or in-game option, I am not sure.
  10. Cross platform gaming is something I like the idea of but most major titles that aren't on all platforms (XB, PS, NS, PC) don't typically do this.
  11. Had it happen the other day. I decided to quit and try again the next day. It has been fine since. Now sure what causes is but I am sure they are aware of the issue by now considering it has been happening on and off for people since like December.
  12. That is the thing that kind of helps and hurts the game for a lot of people. Some people, like me at times, like to run solo. Sometimes I play late at night so mic'ing up isn't an option. I live with 3 other people who all work. I am sure they will have something to ease the burden of not grouping up and allowing the game to still be enjoyable (private lobbies/servers for example) but it won't likely happen until they are out of beta testing.
  13. They are going to do some updates and patches but no one should expect everything to be fixed just yet. It is in beta still so there is a good chance that they will fix some stuff and other things will break. It is a trial and error period. I still have high hopes they will have the game out of beta by May or June but it isn't looking purty. We will see after this update I guess.
  14. I feel you. This is one of those small details in the game that people take advantage of and use the wrong way. I have been kicked for doing better than others. That was the only reason. I am a fair player and I like everyone to enjoy the game so when people like you or me get kicked, it is hardly justifiable.
  15. These commercial holidays are just that, commercial holidays. They are meant to target consumers to spend more and feel obligated to do it. I once dated a girl who broke up with me because I didn't get her anything on Valentine's Day. She didn't talk to me for a week after and when she finally did, she asked why and I told her I don't celebrate it. She said I made her feel worthless and look like a fool to her friends, then she dumped me. If your confidence in yourself our your relationship is based on a stupid holiday like this, you have problems. Couples like you and your wife are an inspiration. I wish more people felt this way.
  16. FLIP


    A bit of a late response but since the thread got bumped from the grave I figured I would say something. For a lot of people who want to quit, it is hardest to do so when you are stressed. Work stress and relationship stress seem to be the two things that make it the most difficult. I would say it was easy to quit for me when I did but I would be lying. The first few months I craved them. Anytime I seen someone in a show smoking, it hit me the hardest. Get into a good mindset in your life and it won't be easy, but it will be a lot easier.
  17. There are options to save the snaps to your system but it is a lot easier to just snap a pic with your phone for people who don't sync everything like I do lol
  18. That is how I am. We can't really expect everything to be in perfect working order yet. I am sure we will have ways to join private servers or party only ones in the future.
  19. I only shoot when I need to. So if I am getting shot at by someone, I will be shooting back. I very rarely shoot first. I can think of two times where I did. Once was when some dude kept getting in the way of me hunting, I warned him I would shoot him if he kept doing it. Another time was by accident.
  20. That is such a solid name for a shotgun. Just works so well. I got a pair dual pistols I named "Jesse and James". A corny Pokemon reference that I am too old to be using... "Prepare for trouble. Make it double." lol
  21. Had the issue as well but it resolved itself. I am guessing they were just testing something and it was only affecting a number of locations at a time.
  22. I haven't been able to figure it out. When I sent Rockstar a message like a month and a half ago about it, I got a vague response with information you can read online that just isn't helpful at all.
  23. I don't know what good it would do to write all this now. I mean if the update is set and announced, it means they are already working on the next round of patches and updates which likely won't happen again until late March or even April.
  24. I have been leveling slow for the last few weeks since I haven't had as much time to play. I am looking for ways to gain good amounts of XP that are not time-consuming and relatively easy. I should have more time next month to play when work dies down a bit. Any tips or suggestions for me?
  25. Seriously!? I had no idea this was a thing. Now it is making more sense. I must have glossed over horse personalities or something. I can't tell you how many times I been flung off my horse and I couldn't figure out why. haha I think I will catch a "braver" horse. Which is considered the bravest?
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