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Glitches with game I cant figure if its beta or my system.

Rebel Witch

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So i use a ps4 and have never had a problem with the PS4 or controller, works great with all my games. The first day of playing rdr2online was flawless no glitches, it worked great.

The past four days now i have had really bad glitches going on ever since i talked to sean macguire for a mission and it bugged out. (not saying thats what bugged my game but all this started happening after my game glitched when accepting his mission)

Bugs i experience are. Shortly after loading game, i can no longer auto aim at animals or anything.

I can't get back on my horse normally sometimes i cycle guns, map then it lets me mount horse.

Map glitches to where it slowly zooms out uncommanded and i cannot scroll down list of names, the red box just freezes. 

There are a few other strange glitches too but all of this makes the game unplayable.


Has anyone else experienced these glitches?

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Most likely it is something with the game.  Play similar games and see if it repeats on those.  The auto aim depends a little on how close you are to a target, are they moving, are you moving, sometimes auto aim can be less then a blink of an eye.

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