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ideas for things to do free roam


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While we wait for minigames, new story missions, robberies and other stuff to make it into the game, what fun stuff have you found to do in free roam besides stranger missions or series events/games?

I'll list some of the obvious to start off:

Hunt, Gather & Fish

Clear gang hideouts

Steal/Ride trains, coaches and canoes

Explore and rob shacks

Craft, cook and customise items

Start bar fights, commit murder and go on NPC kiling rampages


What am I missing? :)

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On the issue of exploration, does anyone know if they've kept sites of interest and weird NPCs in RDO? 

I've found the tiny church, but can I also find the giant bones, snake mound, pirate ship, etc?  It'd be nice if many of these have been kept as things to discover when free roaming :)

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11 hours ago, Truth said:

Troll the newest player you can find?

I didn't hop online right away. When I did. I was just trying to figure things out. I was online maybe 10 minutes and then 3 other players came out of nowhere and I was dead within 10 seconds. Fun times. I wasn't even doing anything. They must have known I was new. 

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Take turns Swamp Skippin' in the Bayou.


Get your health up high.  Have someone Lasso you..  and start pulling you through the swamp near the gators and looping around..  The horse will freak out near the gators, which in turns makes you go flying around while being pulled by the lasso.   

Wild turns will get you some major Air.    Cut the Lasso with a Knife at the right moment and you'll go flying.


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