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  1. Man there are a lot of misconceptions about real firearms here. The AR in AR15 is for Armalite, the company that Stoner worked for. AN automatic rifle has its selector switch AUTO-SEMI-SAFE. NO American firearm has EVER been made this way. In fact the ONLY major firearm made this way was the AK47 which they quit making in 1961. The variants since all have different designations. Now back to the old timey firearms. The Colt SSA came in one caliber 45Colt. The 44-40 WIn was a proprietary caliber used only in Winchester firearms. The 1873 was made in 45/70 first, then in pistol caliber (44-40) later. 38 Special is past the time period, and 357 mag was invented in 1936 by Elmer Keith. I have all his books. I reload his round, its still one of the best 38/357 rounds made. All pistol caliber carbines prior to 1895 were made with rimfire cases and black powder. I have shot all of the copies of all these handguns in my life time. You go watch fast draw or 3 gun cowboy and you will see nothing but Colt SSA copies. The tip opens were faster to reload, but nothing is faster to fan fire than a Colt SSA. I even had a 1969 Ruger Blackhawk, it was darn fast, but the Colt SSA beat it every time. This is not judgement, this is I did it actual shooting. I gave up fast draw do to age and arthritis.
  2. Cattleman should be the fastest to unload, and slowest to reload. That was their design. They are still made today, you can get a brand new one for about $600 bucks. Not so the other two. Oh yeah the shoot big fat heavy boolits. <---A term none of have ever heard of. But then that is about the real ones, not the watered down game versions. I would argue this list to the devs all day long. The double action and Schofield are smaller calibers, yet the stats do not reflect this. https://gamewith.net/red-dead-redemption2/article/show/1154 The damage chart is a joke. The Colt should be 1/3 to 1/2 more damage due to the huge chunk of lead they spit out. BTW the range is off too, the Cattleman will not have the range of the smaller faster bullets for the other two. Rate of fire is another joke. The Colt SAA is still the fastest gun in the west 100 years later. The single action is twice as fast as any double action. If you look at cowboy shooting competitions or fast draw, you will never see a double action, they are just too slow have to draw the hammer back and rotate the cylinder all at one. The Cattleman is fan fired for incredible speed. (fan fired is when you hold the trigger down, with your right index finger, and use the bottom of you left have to pull the hammer back as fast as you can. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMz1EMG2dsg The only part of this video not true is the empty hole over the hammer. They have to say this do to lawyering up all firearms after 1980. If you put 6 cartridges in and set the hammer all the way down in the rest position and bump it, it will go off, Ive done it lots of times to show folks. The first click is the safety click, it draws the hammer off of the primer. Ive hit mine with 2x4 on the hammer, and its never gone off. click 3 is half c ock, so you can rotate the cylinder freely, and then full c ock, tap the trigger, drop the hammer. Now you know where the terms "dont go off half cocked" and "Put the hammer down" came from. You learned something today Still going with a pair of Cattlemen. Despite how wrong Rockstar got it.
  3. In WWII They put a sign over every officers mess hall to get the message across. FLY ALONE, DIE ALONE If your waiting to be hand held thought the game, go play WoW. You can wait for no one, and do what ever you want to do. Like they say over at Conan Exiles: Survive, build, dominate. Folks born after the 1950s have no idea how to survive. Gamers are no different. Head out into the wilderness, learn to survive, go only to small towns or outposts for supplies. Build your character. Or be ganked a lot. The go back to the bigger towns and kiss a lot of donkey.
  4. Everyone of Darth Vader's students were kilt by a Jedi. Like Wayne LaPierre said: The only way to stop a bad man with a gun, is with a good man with a gun. I am that good man
  5. As in every since the 90s, it is always an easier time being evil, and the high road takes longer, and is harder. Its just the way games are made. As I am in every other MMO Ive ever played, I will be the best person I can. In SWG the player bounty hunters hunted the Jedi. I as a ranger hunted the bounty hunters. It will be no different here. Like the tag line says: HAVE GUN, WILL TRAVEL.
  6. Like every other MMO, it takes a year or two to smooth out the programing.
  7. Define Christmas music, jingle bells is an old song, and has nothing to do with Christmas. I doubt you will hear silent night in a bar.
  8. Id take a pair of 45 colt peace makers over any other revolver in the game.
  9. Silly game, steelhead were first spawned in the late 1890s in Michigan. They would not be out west for 30 years
  10. Windows started with 3.1, but we resisted until 95 came out and the games no longer support line input. My first PC was an 8088 a friend gave to me and told me to figure out how it worked, and see If i could get it going. I did. Did not play a game until Lisa came out, it was short lived and Earth Orbiter a totally line draw game went form the Lisa right to an APPLE II. I Admined a Novel network for a few years, the server was a smoking hot 386, DOS 3.5-6.2, and Nodes all the way to a Intel 90. On my wall is a new U.S. Robotics K2 56k mouse pad that is filled jell, and like K2s floating about inside as you pushed the PS2 mouse across , now we are high tech 🙂 The funny part is that all this stuff is in a museum, the onlky thing missing is US.
  11. Because the are lazy kitties. They would rather steal than work, rather ambush than be chivalrous. Did I mention the MEOW part.
  12. Your stuff is still there. So is mine, I just cant break away from Conan Exile, or Id head back, they made a lot of engineering improvements, like you can find the mats now.
  13. Every time I sign in to these forums, the forum sends me a email stating I have changed computers, and Im real tired of the spam. Any of you that know what a NAT box is. It rotates IPs, and shields the internal IPs from the external IPs. Its also great for porn 😱 So someone tell me how to stop the email from clogging up my gaming email box.
  14. I was one of the first 5 Rangers on Kettmoore, and the last to leave. The first nerf (NGE) we thought would be the worse, then they did the final revamp, and we all left. The last SWG con I want to in Seattle 2006, of 400 players there 380 were over 35 years old. Sony sat there and told us that they were only interested in the 18-25 year old demographic, So they kicked us to the curb. Then the game failed. I play Conan Exiles because it plays just like SWG did. Ive been in contact with a dev telling her the 6 day decay rule is losing players. In fact I told Funcom that not all their players are in Mom's basement and can play 7 days a week, some of us have jobs and take holiday. They told me they are working on it...... Meanwhile the guy who built all the map rooms on our server did a 10 day visit to hospital, and came back to nothing.,
  15. Worked Novell though NT, DOS 2.2 to 6.2, I left all that and can sleep at night again. Even got to use FORTRAN to stop the world from ending in 1999. Geez we had to learn that tripe, thought Id never live to have to use it. I even had a VLD video card that handled either a whopping 4 MEGS of ram, or 16 MEGS of ram, but could not afford the 16. Flew my first space sim called Planetary Raiders in the new interwebs, sure miss our Wildcat BBS.
  16. There are seven words you can not say on television. if you want to know which ones, look up George Carlin's 7 words. Other than those words, anything else should go. With all the banning going on, there is going to be two of everything, and sooner or later they are going to fight. Lets avoid all of this and be civil. For the record I am a Vietnam era vet, and I know first hand want uncivil is, Ive seen it as a teenager. The current world is going to heck in a hand basket. Let pretend that we are not a part of that world, and come from a more sensible time. Where banning is childish, censorship is just evil, so everyone mind their Ps and Qs.
  17. There are several helmets in game. Tho no helmet has ever been bulletproof,. They were invented to stop shrapnel and debris. Still is true today.
  18. I love these generic names. The Springfield Trapdoor was in service from 1873 to 1894. The bolt action Kraig was in service from 1895 to 1903. Gee I wonder why that is? How about the 1903 Springfield on a whole different level that the earlier model. The trapdoor would be my rifle of choice. A huge bullet (405gr to 500gr, depending on carbine or rifle). As John Moses Browning said: "They never made a military rifle better...... Only faster" The trapdoor is slower because it is a single shot, where the bolt action has a high capacity 5 round magazine. The trapdoors effect range was 600 yards, and the Kraig was 300 yards. Pick your poison, slow and nasty, or a lot of shots down range.
  19. They also have to stop calling it a varmint rifle call it what it is, a pump action rimfire .22. Cant wait to see how they gimp the 45/70s. Which should out range everything in RDD2.
  20. Kinda want to know this myself. I figured that the story line is a prelude to free roam. I do not know for sure but am hoping what yo do in the story carries over to free roam. Found this video that says the store is used to level up and get stuff. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yc9cJ8KnIxw
  21. Most likely kills kittens in real life.
  22. If this were a PC only game then maybe different servers might work. Being a console game and being in the younger demographic, you are stuck with those that just want to ruin it for others, or gang all the noobs, because they do not want to go get things the proper way. I played 100% PvP sims from 1994 to 2013. They I stopped all together. Why? As the players got younger and more of them, the chivalry died, and the all might kill board became supreme. The only way to combat this when you are low level is to zerg the grievers. Organize on forums like this. Make weekly play times, and be a big force to reckon with. It worked in the worked then, it will work now. Since I left the fighter sim world, I not seen ANY organized teams. Over at EVE they found out that 20 low levels traveling together could take on a much higher level, yet fewer ship fleet. EvE is the ultimate kill board game. Folks camp gates for hours, just to blow up a worthless noob. To quote Ben Franklin: "we must all hang together or most assuredly we will all hang separately" Dont get MAD, get EVEN
  23. He is a challenge, Head out in the street, face each other at 10 paces and draw. Last man standing is the baddest donkey around. Spend hours perfecting something and you can bee great too.
  24. No shotgun, even a goose gun is going to go past 75 yards, effective range is like 30 yards. As a kid we would shoot quail with .22s in the head at about 10-15 feet. Try that sometime.
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