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Another 1.32 GB update..


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21 minutes ago, Agent Mulder said:

apparently so, i had a 2nd update and online option appeared again not sure what its for but also my 2nd update this week (xbox)

Cool, thanks.

R* did say updates would be more frequent so it appears they are just releasing these stability updates as they go.  They also mentioned the way they aset this beta up that it makes it easy for them to release these little patches they need to.

Personally, I wouldn't expect anything big to come from these small patches.  I'm sure they will make an announcement like they did with Week 1 if something more exciting is going to change, be added, etc.  

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7 minutes ago, Agent Mulder said:

yeah i don't expect much i'm waiting for more content now, getting bored repeating the same stuff lol.

Same here but I understand why they are keeping the game on the slim side for now.  I'll wager once they're confident they got the foundation all smoothed out we'll start seeing more content.  I imagine they already have components ready to go or are currently working on them so they can just add them in.

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