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PIZZA THREAD ! Only nice pictures, thanks !


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So here we are with some REAL SUPER PIZZAs from the north of Italy. This is the best place I know in the North, about 1h where I live, and once a month (since it's not near) I go and have a real pizza. It's too good. It's so special. Look and love. If you want the address just ask. It's in Milano.

Ciao !






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All, this is the place in Milano (north Italy) where you can have these great pizza. Place is there since many years, it's small, nothing beautiful to look at but ...but...it's the best place I know. Of course if you go to south Italy you will find other excellent places. But in the north not so many.

Sign this in case:   https://www.tripadvisor.it/Restaurant_Review-g187849-d2219304-Reviews-Al_Paradiso_della_Pizza-Milan_Lombardy.html

I go here since 15 or more years I think. Only reason I didn't go before is that I did not know about the place. Pity.

Ciao !

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Heh, Jackthestriper, did you bake that on a clay pan in the oven? When I use metal pans the bottom burns and the top doesn't melt, after I switched to clay I didn't have that problem.

There is a big difference between pizzas created in Italy and those in North American (especially the US), the mozzarella cheese Americans use is an industrial strength  hot melt glue disguising as food (compare the two photos above and you will see a difference in the way the cheese melts) lolol Basil, home made Mozzarella, tomato sauce made with only real tomatoes and good quality olive oil is my fav and some of the restaurants in Toronto actually cook it that way.  

And don't even get me going on Alfredo sauce. lolol

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