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  1. When GTA V came out online, the bank by the racetrack was fully accessible, it was later used for the Bank Heist finale. This maybe an example of R* preloading software for later activation. There are three banks that are used in the story mode of RDR2, the one at St. Dennis is now used online, I fully expect the other two will show in some update because of R* past practice. What is missing is a story narrative for theses edifices but it would not be too difficult to create. My speculation is based on my experience with GTA V. Free roam missions, car theft, cargo sales etc. already have a timer that counts down until you are visible to players in the session in both GTA V and RDR2, that is the norm I think for now.
  2. Don't understand why R* doesn't understand the concept of dressing in layers. Rather than having to change into a new outfit to wear that winter coat, we should be able to pack a heavy coat, a middleweight coat and raincoat. Store your everyday clothes in preset groupings/outfits, use your stored coats to modify the effects.
  3. Came across a campsite in that I haven't seen before. Is this the new setup for trapper/collector? Put the walk about video on YouTube. New Campsite???
  4. This has been covered in another post, check my post in "And today's new glitch is ..." forum. The problem with horses and the stable has happened to me three times, did the same thing. Got rid of my "free" horse and now only have 4 horsea (nice, ring to that lol) and I pay for 5 stables. Yes, R* knows about this.
  5. Fashion disaster, yep that's me, lucky if I can match the colour of my pants to that of my shirt lolol I use the pre packaged outfits to save time lolol
  6. Not all players experience the same glitches so it is hard to tell how widespread is this problem. When I first started experiencing problems with horses, I dutifully reported the incidents to R* but was never able to resolve the problem. Their advice to me was to reboot the PS4 and hold L1 and R1 simultaneously while the game started up. Never worked, it stayed the same. So what I decided to do was to post videos of my problems on YouTube and Twitch,... I am sure that there are several people assigned to monitor social media that work at R* so I think that has a better chance to be noticed than the Mail/reply bot they use for customer complaints.
  7. In other forums on this site I have chronicled my problems with horses, horses dying for no reason, horses not available in missions, problems with saddles etc. but this one takes the prize. One of the "gifted" horses from Sony (the white Perlino) kept losing health as soon as it left the stable. This went on for a about a week. I tried feeding it, brushing it, bought the health care package all to no avail. It simply refused to get better. It always was malnourished AND dirty. ( yes, the horse is insured) Went to the stables in Blackwater with it and yet again bought the horse health care package. Before I was able to leave the stable, the gold health cores faded to nothing within 30 sec while my horse was STILL IN THE STABLE. All together I spent at least $75 trying to restore its health, decided to cut my losses and dumped the "gift". Pretty well anything, in my opinion, connected with horses and stables is glitched. NB: the link below is a YouTube video of what happened Horse stable problem
  8. I have 5 horses, Briar Rose is an Ardennes mare, Oreo is a Hungarian half bred, Redd is a Arabian mare, their names reflect the colour of their hides, Zayboo is a Thoroughbred mare so named because her hide markings are so weird (she's a gray brindle that looks like a Zebra). Red Wazoo is an Andalusian stallion so named because of all the problems I have had with stables/horses in the Beta phase.
  9. The outfit glitch didn't happen to me until Sony gifted us with free saddle bags, I went from 5 outfits to 3. When I first log on, I only have two active outfits. If I go to campsite/tailor/general store and reset my outfit storage, it will generally last the session
  10. Same thing happens to me, the only way I got around it was having one horse for both free roam and missions selected in my stables (I have 5 hoses)
  11. I have 5 horses, bought 7 or 8, 4 are mares and 1 is a stallion. I picked mares cause the junk in the trunk was always bouncing around when I was riding. Whether or not you like it, there is a lot of horseback riding when you play online and if I have to stare at a horses ass for that much time I prefer a more scenic view. Of all my horses, the Hungarian half breed and the Ardennes are my favourite for free roam, lots of stamina/health and they don't throw you on your ass when ambushed by a pack of wolves/bear/cougar.
  12. yep, tried that. bought upgraded saddlebags for them. I had upgraded saddlebags on my horses BEFORE the update and "free gifts", the problem started when I used the free upgraded saddle. I bought the pre release and have received a lot of extras, I have had numerous problems with my stables (yes, I emailed Rockstart) and just weird graphic things like animal hides appearing on my horses every time I call them from the stable. (No, i don't use the glitch). Personally, I still think RDR2 should be labeled as a BETA.
  13. I bought the upgraded saddle bag and was able to carry two pre-set outfits and three custom ones. After the latest update and the "gifts" I got for being a PSN Plus member I can only store 3 outfits irregardless. Any body else have this problem?
  14. Yeah, you are right, they do direct players to regional networks but they are fairly general, all of North America, all of South America, all of Europe etc are lumped together. When I do encounter non-English speaking players it depends on the time of day, late at night it seems to be Korean, early morning its Australian, office hours its European, dinner time its American, late evening its Brazilian, I work rotating shifts so I play at strange hours
  15. The one aspect of using a mike that seems to have been missed is that not all people playing RDR2 speak the same language. Myself, I play with a lot of people in Brazil, they speak Portuguese, I play with people in Quebec, they speak French, I play with people in Libya, they speak Arabic, having a mute mike makes sense.
  16. I record some of my online play in RDR2 on Twitch. Fortunately, I have the glitch and the feeding frenzy saved in video format. I will make it available to Rockstar and anyone else who wants to see it. What I don't have is the names of players other than myself that were in the session. Cougar Glitch on Twitch This is how they do the glitch: https://www.se7ensins.com/forums/threads/100-solo-red-dead-2-online-fast-n-easy-carcass-duplication-glitch.1766465/
  17. Okay, so I went into the clothing store at Blackwater and St. Denis and opened the catalogue and to my delight there were free spurs, jackets and hats. ;)) Not sure if this was because I bought the pre release or because I am am a PSN customer, either way it doesn't matter, its free There seems to be an exploit in Blackwater, just noticed it today when I was online. Some player dumped a bunch of cougar carcasses outside the stable then entered and came out with another one on their horse. They repeated this for about 10 minutes, other players were scooping them up and heading to the butcher. Has anybody else seen this?
  18. The problem with core/horses doesn't seem to be as bad after the two recent updates. Now, I can actually assign roles to my four horses and NOT get the old nag during a honour mission. It appears that Rockstar has listened. Off topic, there are free spurs, jackets and hats at the clothing stores in Blackwater and St. Denis. Not sure what it is about, possibly a PSN thing?
  19. The cores remain black even though my horse/character are in perfect health. I feed/eat, use tonics, brush horse, put on clothing required for the current temperature, rest at camp, all to no effect. I am also unable to assign any of my horses to a role other than free roam. When playing Story/honour missions online I can only access the old nag which promptly dies at the end of the mission. At this point, a message pops up saying my horse (old nag) has died and that I should pay the vet to heal it. Problem is all of my 5 horses have insurance so there is nothing to do at the stable, no vet bills, nada. I have also tried clearing the buffer on the PS4 by disconnecting the power source and by pressing L1 an R2 when the game boots up. Yes, Rockstar is aware of the problem but they have not provide a solution.
  20. My character cores and my horses core are drained/blacked out on random days when I log online. Food or tonic does not restore them. I have contacted Rockstar but they have been unable to help me. Has any one else had this problem?
  21. It's not whether the animal baits work or not, it's why bother with them at all. In the single player version the legendary animals are already located and you only have to follow the tracks, in the the online Beta there usually is a 3 star pelt in the herd or just around the corner/hill. It takes time to attract prey, time that can be better spent by simply moving on to another more productive area.
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