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[2x Questions] Steelthread Trout


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20 hours ago, DLKnives said:

Steelhead trout should be the same as salmon, $2.50 each limit 10 at a time.

Not sure about the best spot - that's where I use YouTube and find out but someone here should know too. I fish for salmon up out of Strawberry.

The best spots have been nerfed. Quaker's Cove was the best. Catch ten in as many minutes. They were the only fish there lol. 

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The spot above worked really well for me. Usually there is no struggle to catch 10x steelheads from this location. I personally preferred to cast from the smaller island on north towards to coast of bigger island on south. The best thing abt this spot is that u mainly catch steelheads and there are a lot of them between the 2 islands.

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