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Should Rockstar post a todo list and their priorities?


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Why do I wonder about that?

Because I paid usd 100 to buy rdr2 and wonders about when/if some less functional parts are going to be fixed:

1pri) Hunted objects vanish. Hunter killer no 1!!

2pri) Location of my camp changes (seemes like randomly which makes it less attractive to use).

3)pri Returning to game changes ingame attributes.

4pri) I cant save game when I want to.

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22 hours ago, HooverRAD said:

It would be helpful, but they'd get no end of interuption if they did that. People would be constantly asking "is it done yet?". 

My thoughts exactly. People would just be losing their minds like children in the backseat of a car... ARE WE THERE YET?! ARE WE?! COME ON MOM! I HAVE TO PEE! 

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