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What don't I get about racing?


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I love all of RDR2 but I particularly enjoy racing, with other real people, that's what makes online racing, obvs. Not winning a race is a challenge to try to win the next one. Again, seems obvs.

So I'm good at racing, and although I play the full game a lot of my near-40 levelling has come from racing. I think that's allowed and ok.

Today I joined a Race Series, won the 1st race (PtoP with a full field), won the 2nd (Open) and someone kicked, won the 3rd (Open) and got 3 kicks... So, I reined back, transferred to my big lumbering Shire horse Meg, and if I hadn't been shot in the back of the head going over Bart's Crossing (again!) then I would have won the 4th instead of coming 3rd...

But by this time half the lobby are leaving and the other half are kicking me!

I can only play a few races in a row because my heart starts racing too, and that's not good for me (I'm getting on) so I have to rest anyway and I left that lobby, but it hurts a bit, I don't shoot when I'm racing cos my aim is rubbish and I usually fall off and you don't gain points for killing, you just pull someone back in the race. I do punch people, but only if they punch first, or if I feel like it, but generally not aggressively, I would much rather race alongside someone and get my nose ahead before my fist... though I do enjoy a good back and forth punchj-up, not saying I don't.


What I don't get is why some people just cannot take being beaten by a better racer in a race. Surely if shooting other people is your thing that day, got to a Showdown. You want to race? Go to a race, you want to kick people when they beat you fairly? Got to kindergarten and start again.

Thanks, had to get it out...

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The days of players wanting to prove their worth against peers are long gone.  Video game players about, cheating, glitching, hacking, abusing, griefing, rather then prove they are better.  I used to run into this in GTA Online.  Be doing a race and have players intentionally run me off the road.  It wasn't that they couldn't beat me in most cases, they had better beefed up vehicles.  They didn't just want me to lose, but out instead force me in a situation that I just couldn't finish.

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5 hours ago, YodaMan 3D said:

The days of players wanting to prove their worth against peers are long gone.


I don't understand the point of playing a video game and getting enjoyment from it without the aspect of working for the goal. Even people who don't have jobs get bored eventually and need a sense of fulfillment or challenges in their life. 

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