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No more little steamboats.


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Ik think i whas Lucky yesterday night. StevenKreg posted here that he did not see any moving boat yesterday, so i checkt it late last night and i found 1 in 5 min. I posted a picture aswell, but today StevenKreg sends me an invite and i was going to look with him for a little steamboat and weird enough there aint any moving boats anymore. I had to go very afhter and thought i go look for it later on. When i came home i was going to look for any boats with my Posse members but nothing there. So why have R* put them out ? You could do totaly nothing with it and was just for fun to drive them. Is R* Beta made for take all off the fun out off the game ? There is not mutch to do in the freeroam as for doing side missions and collecting herbs and  animals. So a little fun with a boat can be handy sometimes.

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3 minutes ago, Steven Kreg said:

where exactly zinussan?


that island along the coast west of saint denis?

Here is my fishing spot, for steelhead trout. Don't know the name of island. Usually whenever I fishing,  there always a boat pass thru in front of me.


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8 minutes ago, YodaMan 3D said:

Discovered a bunch on the road between Strawberry and Valentine this morning.  I think you are looking for them in the wrong place, they are not on the water, but on dry land.

Hahaha 😂😂 yeah. I also found big boat on open field from strawberry to blackwater 


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