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*Spoiler* Castor's Ridge Chance Encounter


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So The O'Driscoll gang is trying to extort money from a father and his two sons while they are building their new home stead, I kill the gang members and loot the bodies, The father sets off berating his sons and they regret moving from the city. I come back later (Chapter 2) (Zero Bounty) and they are almost completed with the house. He asks for help. $100.00 or a load of wood. I proceed to Appleseed Timber Co. There was a guy there that always antagonizes me in Valentine. Chubby Bald fellow with some red hair and a green neckerchief. I draw my weapon LB and he bolts off No Karma issues. I get on the load of timber , BAM 5 points RED. So I proceed to Castor Ridge. I get hung up on a rock with the long as day timber wagon, One horse breaks loose and R U N N O F T. Great day in New Hanover. So as the snowball rolls, I landed up high centering the logs on a boulder on the Dakota river crossing. I left it there, sure am glad I whistled for my horse Blanca.

I proceed back to Appleseed and the foreman asks me to kill some wolves, Wolves 1- me goose egg. After re-spawning I go back and put down all three wolves. Thank goodness for the Legendary Buck Trinket. Even after multiple bullet holes I get Three good pelts. I proceed to carry the carcasses over to the camp and drop them in the foreman's office. He gives me $50.00 for the effort and charges me $75.00 for a load of wood.

As I was heading down the trail near Diablo Ridge I clip a cowboy with the Schooner sized wagon, he shoots at me and I blow his head clear off with a couple of slugs from my rare shotgun. I pass a rider later on down the trail and all of a sudden I'm a murderer. As I proceed to Valentine a posse is heading toward me on a bridge. The Trail train was at full gallop as was I and I ran over six or so deputies. 

Needless to say by the time I got to Castor Ridge, logs were falling off the wagon and I had a bounty for $150.00,I went back to Appleseed and acquired another load of lumber after paying my bounty off. I actually got the whole load to the work site without killing or injuring anyone and the Old man R U N N M E O F T at gun point.

I'm telling you these country folks are mean and angry. I should have just paid the 100.00 dollars and been done with it. This added up to $225.00 out of my pocket. The wolves looted me for $50.00.



Arthur Morgan

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I completely botched this one by running over a lumberjack and getting trespassed out of the lumber company.  By the time I made my way back to that part of the world,


the house was completed and sold, without any intervention from me beyond chasing off the O'Driscolls.


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I've done this side quest and started by bringing provisions to the Foreman at the timber co. Would then bump into the father and his sons and watch the house grow. Then I defended them from the O'Driscoll's and he gives you a reward. Then when you bump into him and get the timber, if you go back later in the game ( like a few days and nights for me) the house is more complete. However, if you do not save them  or get them timber,the house never become fully finished. I also imagine that providing supplies to the lumber camp is important in this aswell as the foreman mentions that work will halt without provisions.

I think it is one of those missions where you have to be patient and watch the characters to see the story detail. 

Hope this helps :) 

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