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  1. I don't get a lot of game time, so I spent three or four nights worth looking for a badger in Lemoyne, near the Oil Derrick, and up by Bacchus. Decided I would have better luck if I got the Buck Trinket. Got the Legendary buck and then shot a perfect badger before I got to the West Elizabeth trapper near the train station. Didn't even have the trinket yet. Go figure.
  2. Interesting. I just had the same encounter with someone who spoke with a Spanish accent who told me his 'gut' warned him to stay away from that farm, and later on, someone else confirmed his gut feeling for him. Also, he didn't have rabbits, but he did have a perfect fox and a mallard.
  3. Some used it but didn't bother to post that they did. Oh well.
  4. You can change names at any Stable.
  5. WPCatfish

    Western Films

    The Seven Samurai comes to mind, and predates The Magnificent Seven, which is my personal favorite. I also based my SASS persona on Yul Brynner's character, but it's not easy wearing all that black in the summer!
  6. I completely botched this one by running over a lumberjack and getting trespassed out of the lumber company. By the time I made my way back to that part of the world,
  7. I got jumped by O'Driscolls in Valentine, they drew guns first and I got three murder raps. And then two more for a sheriff and his deputy.
  8. I rode past someone who was trying to flag me down in town a day or so after I gave him some medicine for a snakebite. Still got my reward after taking care of the other business I was attending to when I got back to him. Glad I didn't miss out!
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