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I found mine near Bolger’s Gate. 

Theres also got spots near Bacchus Station, north of Strawberry, and near the trapper at Riggs Station. 

Make sure you have the Buck trinket and use a varmint rifle to maximise the chance of a perfect pelt. 

They’re not a commonly spawning animal and can be a pain to track down. 

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6 hours ago, Arac4691 said:

I need a perfect badger pelt. Can anyone tell me  where to hunt Badgers..



they're nocturnal, you can find them pretty much all over the map except Ambarino,  might even find them there, i just haven't.  My go-to spots are the old oil derrickjust south of Twin Stack Pass, and then in Eris Field and Ringneck Creek.  you'll find 'Possum there also if you need those for Trapper gear.

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