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Rumor of another delay?


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The trailer, which can be seen around the 22-minute mark during the show, doesn’t offer anything new, as it’s the same trailer that we saw last year. However, it does indicate one slight change at the end – it only shows that it’s coming in 2018, and not spring 2018 as originally indicated.


So I just read this. It is talking about a press conference that happened recently showing the same trailer but only saying "coming 2018". 

A lot of people are speculating it may be delayed... again. Thoughts?

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On 9/22/2017 at 5:59 AM, Nima021King said:

I'm sure we will get another delay soon

The biggest gaming company in the world with 17 studios couldn't give people a trailer...Something is wrong for sure


There is NO EXCUSE! I really feel like they slapped all us die hard fans in the face by not giving us anything all summer longer after a fricking delay. Either they are dicks or there is something wrong.

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