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  1. I can't wait to play this game. It looks like it got pushed back again to the 17th of October. So there is a chance it may get pushed back again. *sigh*
  2. I can't see them doing this but I guess it was worth talking about. Also, yeah no new news on anything. What a big surprised. lol
  3. So I just read this. It is talking about a press conference that happened recently showing the same trailer but only saying "coming 2018". A lot of people are speculating it may be delayed... again. Thoughts?
  4. I think this is from 2016, the trailer thing that is. I have not heard a peep on anything. Not sure what Shawn means.. lol
  5. They are running short on time if they want to give us "summer news"...
  6. Improved details in general. While the game did look great for its time, in comparison to games out now, it was flawed in many areas if you ask me.
  7. They tend to make their games look much better pre-release. Not sure why. Pretty dumb if you ask me. False advertising and what not.
  8. I just started watching Mr. Robot and LOVE it! I am only a few episodes in so don't spoil anything for me! What season is it on now? 3?
  9. I agree with this I think. I don't really put much thought into it but anything that is created by man or nature can be art. I have seen some rock formations that looked absolutely stunning.
  10. I am watching Younger on TV Land. It is a chick series but it is good. The same woman who made Sex in the City is doing it. My boyfriend is watching Game of Thrones. I am not into that show though.
  11. I think that would be overkill at that point. How many people back then owned wild cats let alone house cats? Most "house cats" were just strays that people fed to keep around just to keep mice off of farm land and out of barns.
  12. Founded: July 1, 1862, Washington, D.C. That is for the Pacific Union Railroad. This is also in DC as well which makes me think we will be slightly more east. Also, I was guessing the game would take place in the 1870's/80's so I wouldn't be too far off from this.
  13. I am sure we will get weather dependent areas and situations. Not sure how realistic they will be in terms of time of the year and stuff. I was thinking it would be cool to see old traditions of holidays maybe with the online servers.
  14. Is there any chance of RDR2 coming out on the Nintendo Switch? Like any, at all? I know the system isn't as "beefed" up for these kinds of games but it did so well with Zelda Breath of the Wild that I thought... maybe. Maybe one day...
  15. I actually read a study on soy and it is SCARY what it can do to men and women. Like people think this is safe? It makes guys grow tits! I don't care how fat you are, a man should not be growing boobs. Something is not right about that.
  16. I've been playing a lot of Rocket League lately with my boyfriend and I really like the new soundtrack they added this month. May as well post that
  17. My boyfriend would probably do just about anything. I don't think I could go against my morals at all. So I guess if the deal every presents itself, I hope he is the one who gets it and not me! lol
  18. I think a lot of people had that issue with GTA online. Also, welcome! I hope you like it here. A lot of cool peeps! I am trying to be more active.
  19. I am going to say another game trailer. I am not sure if they will show any game play or not but just a bit more about the story would be fine like mentioned above. I think they owe it to us fans to show something to us soon. I mean I get it is not obligated of them but come on.
  20. Ha! I do agree that would make for some great videos. Heck, I am sure people will be streaming things as well. Either way, I hope to see this in the game.
  21. Have they ever had a game come out early in the month though? I always thought Rockstar was more of a mid-month game company.
  22. So I like most candy bars. I never found one I would not eat at all but my favorite is very underrated I think... Take 5. Not sure if everyone on here is in the US but they are those ones with 5 different main ingredients: Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Caramel, Pretzel, and Peanuts. It is hands down my favorite one to eat and one I never get sick of. A close second for me are Snickers.
  23. I would be like this for the first 24 hours... Telling everyone "It's not so bad!" I would likely find it hardest the second and third day. Eventually I would find other things to do but the shock of it all would be hard.
  24. This can be a lot of fun! I am not sure how putting a limit on it would work though. Like only having it run once every 24 hours... It would give some people an unfair advantage.
  25. I am still thinking there will be at least 3 people to the main story just because of it being a gang. Also, I heard of more people liking the protag thing than hating it so I think they will aim to get some GTA V people over to RDR2 using protags.
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