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  1. So as most or maybe I should say all of ya'll know about this that you can't no longer bring up a RPG outta your underwear in RDR2,Arthur Morgan need some sort of bag to carry some extra stuff (just like those things in Special Edition) and in order for that to happen Rockstar is giving us this small cute handy bag but there's something really shady about it, "ONLY" two characters have this bag and they're Arthur Morgan and John Marston . Why in the world Rockstar should give a NPC something that only Arthur should have, It's definitely not just for the details because if it was why John should be the only one who needs more details? IDK man it's just a theory I came up with, let me know what you think about this
  2. Season 2 was awesome,now I'm really waiting for season 3. And if you looking for a good show I totally recommend Designated Survivor, It's just great.
  3. Just finished watching "Stranger Things" season 1,I'll start the season 2 tomorrow.I usually don't like this kind of series but this one was really great
  4. I like to a younger Seth,his past must be interesting
  5. They have to show John talking in the next trailer,I can't wait to see that scene
  6. They They made one for HTC Vive,They really need to make one for PS4 and Xbox 1(Not VR)
  7. Why the logo got changed from 2 to II ? What do you think?
  8. It sounds fun but also boring,If an idea like this is going to be on the table it needs a lot more attention compare to other ideas
  9. GTA Online is dead,It was cool [2 years ago]. I just hope kids don't crash the servers on the release date,however I'm not going to play online before finishing the story
  10. No, probably not. This isn't Fallout
  11. Making gang on social club would be sick
  12. I still believe it's going to get another delay soon
  13. I still have hope to win this giveaway,but how do you wanna pick the winner anyway?
  14. Masterbuting and Cracking my knuckles,I really need to stop doing them
  15. Nima021King


    In my country it would cost around 14-15000$
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