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weird chat bug?

Steven Kreg

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a friend of mine thought everyone stopped talking to her because she could no longer hear people and they cant hear her in free roam or racing.

i asked her if her mic was broken and she said no so i made a party and talked with her just fine.

she can hear the game fine, just no people

then we checked a few settings.

we went to the players names and made sure mute all wasnt on (i would assume this resets every time you log in anyway)

we went to the online options and made sure everyone was selected on the who you can chat with.


any other ideas? anyone heard of this or had this? if we cant figure it out do you think re installing the game might help? suggestions?

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Last weekend, I was running with another.  As we was traveling to town to sell pelts, a hideout popped up.   I kept heading to town and apparently he called out for us to attack the hideout.  Now for some time it was deadly silent on my headset, until I said something.  Then he was asking what happened.  I didn't know he attacked the hideout, but he nearly died expecting me to have his back.  I know afterwards he was pissed thinking I was ignoring him, but I didn't know he wanted to go after the hideout.  

Since then I have experienced this a couple of times and have discussed with others who have had the same issue.  Not sure where the issue is, may be it's my headset or maybe something with the xbox or the game.  When others are counting on you, you have to be paying more attention to what they are doing.  Cause you never know when another player may roll up on your group and I usually depend on others to call out when in need.   I can't count on that anymore.

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I never noticed any issues at all with this but I have heard of it happening with other players on other sites as well as in the game. Maybe it is an issue with specific systems. I know they change stuff and "relaunch" systems a few times before the next gen consoles come out.

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