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Missing Boats in Lagras

Slayer Fan

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I have come across an issue and I am hoping that it happened to someone else and you can tell me how to resolve it, I did use the Search option to find an answer and there isn't hence why this post has been created.

I am trying to catch a legendary fish within the swamp in Largas, trouble is, there aren't any boats available, I have left the area a number of times, continued with the story missions and still I can't get a boat to spawn.


Any advice or solutions will be gratefully received.


Many thanks for your time and assistance in replying. 

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5 hours ago, Foxtrot said:

You can catch the legras legendary fish from the shore. 

Yep i stood at about where the red dot is.  there's a large tree there you stand by just over knee deep in mud or so.  first cast got the legendary fish there.


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