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Ghost at Fort Riggs?


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I recently noticed that a strange light appears inside the schoolhouse at Fort Riggs.


Yes, my first thought was graphical glitch, too, but I've been back on different nights and viewed it from different angles, yet the light still appears. In addition, approaching too close causes the light to disappear, but it will immediately return if I move away a certain distance. The above image is as close as I could get without it going out and viewing it through the binoculars or a rifle scope causes it to disappear, too.

I wonder if it has anything to do with the feather icon that appears over Fort Riggs on the map after talking to a certain NPC?

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Interesting find.  I wonder whether this is some kind of glitch.  What time of night is this, I'll take a ride over there and see if I see the same thing.

Sometime later:  Yes, this is confirmed.  It looks as though there's a glowing light within the schoolhouse that turns off when you approach.  If you back up, it goes away again.  I thought this might just be the moonlight reflecting off something, but it's not.

I captured this and stuck it on YouTube.  Hope this shows what you saw well enough.


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If you look from the South West of the fort on the hill you can look at the light through your binoculars or scope, you can see in the screenshot. When you shoot at the light it disappears briefly then re appears, I traced the gun shots too the middle window on the Northern wall of the building so I assume the light must be coming from the centre.




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