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What the *blip* is this ?


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5 minutes ago, lumper said:

Its an old prototype of a hang glider type flying machine, John, or Arthur will write it in his journal, there is another similar north of Strawberry.,

Oh ok thx lumper. And here i was hoping rs* worked on a new game mode or something 😜 never seen that b4

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Its simply an Easter egg that pays tribute to a side mission in the first RDR game.  


Red Dead Redemption 2 Secret Easter Egg - Flying Machines and Charles Kinnear references

In Red Dead Redemption 2 you can find two crashed planes that are directly connected to the Kinnear Family.

In the in-game film "Wonders of the Age: Manflight", the narrator makes a reference to Aldus Kinnear and his sons Percival and Charles.

A wrecked flying machine with a dead body inside can be found west of the Little Creek River in West Elizabeth. The body is believed to belong to Percival Kinnear, Charles' brother.

Head to west of Armadillo, New Austin to find another airship wreckage. This one has the name of the owner written on it, Charles Kinnear, who apparently survived the plane crash only to die years later in Red Dead Redemption, during the Stranger mission "Deadalus and Son".


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