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A few questions



So I am a little confused.

When I am playing RDR2O I check the map and sometimes, not very often, it shows no other players, at all, anywhere, then if I left click the D pad and hit players it shows a list of players, sometimes 3 or 4 or as many as will fit other times.

Why dont they show on the map?

Are they in the game?

But my map shows nobody, so I was wondering why that is?


Also, I decided to look for a treasure map, not far from my camp, I checked, nobody was around, so I went to the area, as I was looking around, all of a sudden there were many red dots, so I had to fight my way out and escape,

I cant tell if those red dots were actual players or npc's attacking, and either way, why arent they showing on the map?

Im starting to think both times I was attacked by red dots that they were npc's and not people, they were easy to dispatch and I was able to escape easily both times, nobody really gave chase, so I dunno.

They show up on the map after they appear on my mini map, but that is once I am in the middle of the search area and having checked my map.

So I just dont understand how to read the map sometimes.

The players who have attacked me usually I can tell or see their name so it is clear they are players.






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The map and blips are explained in the HELP section in game.

You dont see players on your map unless they are Dark Red (they are aggressive players either to NPCs or Players but not all are bad) where you can see them anywhere on the map.

Blue icons you have to be extremely close unless they are bright blue which means they are in your posse.

 Purple can be spotted a bit further than blue because they are close to being considered aggressive (dark red).

If you ever played the story then you know NPCs pop up on the radar/map as smaller versions of the player dots (bright red). They will ambush you from time to time, when you're finished killing them all you get bonus exp and it says "bandits cleared".

Im sure you will run into this so.. bright red (regular sized blip) can only be seen in close proximity, and will usually show a general direction on your radar. You won't be able to see them on your map if they go far.

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Born summed it up great. It can be a bit annoying using the map and not understanding it. I was like this for several weeks. Once you get what everything means, it makes it easier to avoid people if that is your thing. I like to avoid most other players unless I plan on going in guns blazing. 

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I would add that the range for "peaceful" player blips is 150 meters which is relatively close.  Also, as I understand it, your range will extend a bit when you fire your weapon so if there is a player just outside of 150 meters, they may see you but you won't see them when you fire.  

As a "blue dot", you essentially have the advantage over any other player who isn't also a blue blip in regard to being able to see where they are.  ......and them not being able to see you.

Ambushes by NPCs will appear immediately in close proximity as they reveal themselves to try and kill you (they appear as red dots as mentioned and I strongly suspect that is what you experienced.   This is why it pays to ride with a weapon at the ready IMO and to keep your eyes open near choke points, some bridges, bends, etc.  You get 150 XP for killing them all and they are worth looting.

I would also suggest downloading the RDR2 companion app.  You can then view the big map on your phone or other Android / Apple device without having to keep switching back and forth in game.  It's nice having a big picture view with just a glance.  I feel naked without it.

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