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hardcore ??


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8 minutes ago, NDX47 said:

What are you looking for in a hardcore mode? You can make it harder it if you choose it to be.

In example play with no hud, don't eat food items in-game, go for a "bow & arrow" run from start to finish, could walk instead of using a horse, play in free-aim on foot and on mount, drink a bunch of moonshine "in-game" before starting a shootout on a level, play the missions on extremely low health, no hit run.

Just some examples that's if you've done all those already or done even better ideas and still haven't itched that "hardcore" itch that needs scratching.

i have already playing without hud but i mean i want to use gun and all that staff because it's really fun but the enemy really day with one shoots i want more survival and rdr can be that' way 

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3 minutes ago, NDX47 said:

Sounds fair enough bud. Good possibility there "could" be a hardcore mode added since RDR1 had one.

If not, wait for it "if" RDRII launches on PC. They'll be some kind of "Brutal RDRII" mod or hardcore mods out there from the modders.

seems like we have wait for some time I really want replayed right now 

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Like mentioned, your only option is the make the game harder yourself. I am not sure if this is something they will bother adding or not. Seems unlikely. I would guess that it might be a feature for future Rockstar games if it interests enough people or if the game warrants it. I had nice struggle points in the game so I was satisfied with the difficulty. 

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