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What's happening since yesterday ??? Game doesn't work here !!!


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Hi !

At first I thought it was a local internet problem but seems like I'm not the only one that can't play, or at least in a dead world...

I found someone else speaking about this, on another forum but that's all !


Friday everything was perfect, Saturday (Yesterday) there was some bugs and huge piles of burnt dead horses, and today nothing works... 

Don't even think of getting a mission, the strangers aren't visible or in the better scenario the mission abort. No animal whatsoever and no people anywhere... 


Are you all experimenting the same thing ??? Any clue ??


Thanks :)

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Several folks are reporting issues in RDO over the last couple days.  My suggestions is to submit a trouble ticket with R* Support here:


The more people that report these issues the better the chances are of having them addressed.

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Speaking of that, every time I try to submit a Bug report through Rockstar Support, it doesn't let me submit it, saying there's an error and to check all the fields and try again. But if I choose a different path, say through Installation/Performance, it goes through. It seems for me, their "Bug report" form isn't working. 

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