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Full health core goes to 1/2 after dying


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First of all I love RDR online and I think its great but a few things do annoy me, one of them is a full health core draining to 1/2 after dying. Sometimes however the core "saves" itself and does not drain after respawning.

Is this linked to honor level as in the core saves itself if the honor level is high? or is this a glitch?

Any help would be appreciated thanks :)

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First and foremost welcome to the forum @bakondude96

You can fully restore your core by eating various types of foods or you can take the medicine that you can purchase inside of the general store. Core drains naturally and automatically no matter what you do, you can honestly just stare at the sunset and the cores will drain. This is something you have to keep an eye out on when playing the game. Provisions are for cores, while tonics are for rings. If you contain the rings at a reasonable level, the longer the cores will last. 

When you die, it takes a tole on your core because that's how the game works. If you kept a full core after every death, then what's the point of provisions and tonics when you can just die to get a full core again? 

Hope this helps.


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5 hours ago, Tom Dooley said:

That`s a lot better than IRL kid, don`t complain

He's just asking for clarification on the game mechanics which is something R* is really lousy at doing in this game with a lot of them.

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