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Bluegrass 'shiners Is No Longer

The Blue Hare

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5 hours ago, N7Creed said:

Reporting for duty

I'm doubling your daily beer and hay ration at camp. Don't thank me. 'Cuz you are picking up tailgunner / point responsibilities and I, assault weapon specialist duties while one of our cowboys is away from the ranch on a Belgian beer binge. 


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27 minutes ago, The Blue Hare said:

Hoyt Axton

Della and the Dealer


That is the song with the lyric, "a dog named Jake and a cat named Kalamazoo..."

I sat a couple rows back from him on a jet boat trip on the Russian River in Oregon. We also stayed in the same hotel (he was below us). Heard him out on the balcony.

I don't remember much about the trip but I do recall that they held up the boat because he was late.

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2 hours ago, N7Creed said:

@Kean_1 That's a cool story! Did you hear him playing?

Not that I recall but then again, my memory isn't all that good these days. This was something that happened 30 odd years ago or so.

My Dad probably remembers more than I do about that trip we took.

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