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Horse issue . Horse turns 180 while aiming?



I have the Missouri Fox Trotter & Arabian... The issue I'm having with these two horses. The horse & I will be facing the bot, when I go to aim at a bot the horse will turn 180 degrees facing away from the bot. This is annoying, every time I try to shoot a bot the horse turns and want to face the opposite direction. Like it wants to run away from the fight. As if the horse is telling me lets get the heck out of here.

My question is to you all, do all the horse do this? Does yours? Before I waste money buying a 3rd horse (War horse) to see if this solve my problem. I'm curious if all horse do this.

If I recall this wasn't an issue in story, This is only a problem with online.

Thanks for any info you all my provide. 

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The only issue I have is if I try to ride in first-person. (I normally play third-person) and I find the aiming and horse movement gets all screwy. But I put it down to not really liking first-person in this game.

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