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Anyone getting hit by this storm?


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So there is a winter storm rolling through west to east in the US this week. I am in the east so I won't be seeing any of it till the weekend but they are saying we might get quite a bit of snow here. I am not too worried about it since it is going to dump on us all at once, so long as the power doesn't go out. I would be screwed then. I had that happen to me last winter and I was so bored I felt like I was going nuts. I am so used to being on my PC or one of my consoles when I am home that I don't do much else here other than eat, shower, and sleep.

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14 minutes ago, Looney Dan said:

Nah we aren't getting none of it here. I see it mostly up north but it isn't going to be as bad as they said. They are always wrong with the weather so who knows really how bad anyone will get hit.

Pff last winter they said would be one of the worst and I kid you not, I don't even remember having more than 2 inches of snow on the ground more than 2 times and even then, it melted fast. This has been the coldest winter we have had here in a good 6 years and we have already seen more snow than last year, at least visually. Not sure about the measurements. So yeah they get things wrong a lot. As for the storm, it is passing over but we are only expected to get about 3 or 4 inches.

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