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Made my way over after starting to roll back into RDO. I've originally been at it since day 1 - spoiled myself by getting the Ultimate Edition on PS4 and haven't looked back. I also played the first RDR sometime after it initially came out, though I had to fight with my step brother for the controller. Perks of being an adult now with a setup you purchased with your own money - you're not entitled to share. 😉
As for the stats & info about my RDO status:
Currently Level 60 (I've been off the game for a few months)
I have a mic, though I'm subjective on when I use it
I can flip flop back and forth between alignments, though I prefer Honorable
I'm located within the Pacific Timezone (-8)
I'm all for grinding, though I'm admittedly not the best at Showdowns just yet
I also have to say, I'm looking forward to when Rockstar finally implements the ability to edit your existing characters as the new CC makes the girls look so much more feminine while the rest of us are left struggling with man jaws. I personally don't want to give up my personalised guns and I believe it'd take more time to work back up to where I am now than if I were to just wait. So, I've got my fingers crossed that, with the amount of hints dropped so far on its progress, it'll be dropped soon. 
Depending on how motivated I'm feeling I also may or may not work on a persistent posse. Being a working girl and a student has its drawbacks when it comes to the amount of time you're able to divide towards online activities. Otherwise, I'm all for joining in with others! I'm really trying to work towards the Silver Dapple Pinto Missouri Fox Trotter.
Other than that, here's a couple photos of my character! Oldest and most recent. 👋

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21 hours ago, Parzival said:

Seeing pictures like this makes me weep at just how hideous my GTA Online protagonist is. 😭

😂 Believe me I still have some editing to do for my character when we're able to, as well. Namely the chin/jaw region and her ears.

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10 hours ago, kewlkiera said:

😂 Believe me I still have some editing to do for my character when we're able to, as well. Namely the chin/jaw region and her ears.

Try fixing this hideous thing.


You know that whole saying about not being able to unsee something?

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