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Hello folks!


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I'm Lisa and I just did all this on my profile page but I'll do it again here - I'm on Xbox, in my 30's and more obsessed with RDR2 than is socially acceptable! I fell in love with the first game all those years ago and never really put it down until 2 was released - and now I'm having the same problem! 

I'm currently rank 76-ish online and would love to meet other players, guys or gals, who are not only actually old enough to play the game but just want a bit of companionship whilst roaming the lands and to have someone at their back when trouble starts. I like to tick off a daily challenge or two each day when I can though I haven't really bothered with stranger missions or showdowns but I'm willing to have a bash if anyone wants to join me!

I am generally pretty honorable player and will never shoot another player first - but I will come back after them if I'm killed and will come back time and time again if someone shoots my horse - but if I hurt the other player's horse in the crossfire I will revive it. In fact, I'll revive any horse in need - I'm too soft for my own good!

I'm in the UK but as I work nightshifts on a stupidly irregular shift pattern, I tend to stay up until dawn most nights whether I'm at work or not so I'm good for all nighters and can work around US timezones to a degree.

Anyway, thanks for reading and maybe I'll see you around!




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