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Empty Treasure Chest

Kris Krucyfx

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Submit a Support ticket to Rockstar under "Missing In-game Item" for Red Dead Online with a link to the video. They will credit you $150 RDO and 1 Gold Bar the next time you log in, but ONLY if you have the video (like you do).

Also, I noticed the last two treasures I opened, I was able to pick the reward up, but it took over 1 minute to register my items as being received.

Lastly, RDR2.org is a fan community and not at all affiliated with Rockstar Games or Take 2 Interactive. Welcome to the forums though, it's pretty cool around here, lots of helpful people ;)

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3 hours ago, Kris Krucyfx said:

I received a treasure map for completing daily challenges 3 days in a row, when i opened it and had option to take reward it gave me NOTHING. So BIG thanks R*.

Wideo proof :     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mB5cM9o-nHM

I had it happen to me, rock* gave me 1 gold bar + $150 sent me a reply saying next time they want video evidence.

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