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Am I the only one who loaded three new ability cards Tuesday?


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So, I had a good set up, defensive in nature to make me very hard to kill.

I had slow and steady, peak condition, and hmm I cant remember off the top of my head what else, but each was based on making it hard to kill me.

Tuesday I grabbed these.

Iron lung, friends for life and horseman.

I know there was a horseman one already but I never used it, then I Saw another that made you harder to kill if you were on your horse and figured ill try that and add horseman to see how that works for a while.

Not sure yet if I will keep these active, but I did like the idea of new cards to try.

I wish they added a feature to set up a defensive and offensive, or free roam vs pvp set up, so if you wanted too you could just quick change from one set to another, maybe in another update.

Has anyone else tried the new cards yet?

My new cards are tier II as of this morning.



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I never even paid much attention to ability cards up to this point regardless.  I don't do PvP events and they really don't play a part in my Free Roam game play to be honest.  I prefer passive ones that I don't have to use any special abilities or anything like that to activate because 90% of the time, I forget they are even there.  

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I got myself Friends For Life, yes. Tier II at the moment also. It just seemed like a useful Ability Card to me since the Trader role requires of me to defend people from time to time (and there's also still the hideouts and ambushes and whatnot) and I always prefer to do that on horseback.

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