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[SPOILER] Wolfman


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So, after watching some videos this morning before I logged in to play I saw we now have the second legendary bounty character, "The Wolfman"/

So, after setting up I took the bounty.

I go up to Lake Isabella and find the camp, and after a few waves of wolves I get to what I believe to be his camp, I knew from the video that if you get to the spot I was at he should have a little dialogue and then you find him sitting there alone.

Well that didnt happen at all.

I crested the hill to his camp to find the Wolfman sprinting at me screaming, Bear!! there's a bear!! lol I laughed so hard I almost dropped my controller, I wasnt able to stop the bear from killing him even though I fired 5 or 6 shots with the Bolt action.

In the end the bear earned he bounty, I just cleaned up what was left.

It was pretty funny and totally unexpected.


Thats my bad Kean, I hadnt thought about the spoiler, sorry man, thanks for editing it.

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Spoiler tag in case some want to discover this on their own
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  • Kean_1 changed the title to [SPOILER] Wolfman

That's pretty funny and similar to a Trader Resupply mission I had. I was supposed to help a NPC Trader who was being robbed.  I got there, and there are like 4 or 5 dead NPC's on the ground and 2 or 3 more fighting off a bear that eventually killed them as well. Thanks for the assist Mr. Bear.

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I thought I had that happen too, clearly i did, I assumed I just got the kill as I had shot him, I fell of a ledge and died and when I respawned Wolfman was dead and the bear was gone, Also is it just me or was the reward kinda poor? I got like 650 rank XP for the first legendary bounty and only 150 for this one? 

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