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Exit Storymode - Enter online


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Hi all my name is Chris, thought i would join this community to find out more and get to know other RDR2 addicts and hopefully experience life in a posse.

I have been playing RDR2 Story mode since Christmas 2018. Completed the game 6 times (my family thinks i am nuts), the sixth time i actually completed it 100%.

In the last two weeks i have started playing Online (i promised myself i would once i finally 100% the main game). First impressions are more than what i was expecting. The online space is rich and is already taking my enjoyment of the game to the next level.

Yes, i have already come across others who like to shoot at you for fun, even whilst skinning a 2 pelt deer, but i am hoping over time i will get more experience and turn those tables with more effect. 

Starting to find my way in RDO and finding it really good fun and can see this lasting a very long time. Already got into the trader/collector and bounty hunter roles. just starting to find my feet and making some cash! 

Bit of a loner in game right now at level 50, have joined a couple of posse's but find that none of them had their audio on, so found it a bit frustrating and went back to being on my own.


Hope to maybe join or start a posse soon?

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Welcome! I have had trouble finding a decent posse as well. I finally was able to join up with one my cousin made and the people in his are cool and laid back. Like Kean said, check out the posse section on the forum. I am sure someone will be looking for more people. 

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i joined up in posse at the weekend and none had their mics on, we just went around like sheep digging up treasure and finding tarot cards.  I didnt mind that for 30mins but then left as i know there is so much more this game offers. 

Thanks for the kind words. look forward to maybe encountering some of you in RD online.

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