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  1. On console it started before the PC launch and it seems to have been an issue since day one for PC players, at least in my experience. Sometimes I land a lobby/server loaded with animals and other times it is like a wasteland.
  2. On PC Showdown seems to be dead at times. At least in my experience. I don't play it often but recently started for this weekly bonus and even with this going on, it takes ages to find others to play with.
  3. What is the most common area to find Elk? I found plenty of Moose and kept confusing the two lol but I am not noticing many Elk in the areas where they should be according to what I read online.
  4. It has done this for me as well and I don't think it has anything to do with putting people off from playing the story. That would be silly. The general rain/storm mechanics are pretty similar in GTA V and let me tell you, it rained a lot when I played. Even does this online for both games.
  5. $5,000 in 1860 → $155,404.22 in 2020 Give you an idea of how much of a difference there is. I would guess it would be around $135,000 and if you only focus on what you need, I'd say that lasts a while as well.
  6. Do you have duplicates by mistake? I thought I had all mine and it turned out I didn't. I was missing 4 of them and overlooked it.
  7. That can change overnight though so you can't really go based on that increase. Who knows, maybe Rockstar bought them positive reviews LOL
  8. That is what I learned early on. If you can use something to make more money, it is worth buying. If you are just buying cosmetic stuff or stuff you don't really need, you will struggle with keeping your income up. At least in the beginning. It gets stupid easy eventually.
  9. And there are plenty of those unfortantly. I think this is the likely case here based on the OP's issue. I have had a similar problem but it resolved itself.
  10. I was on earlier and did the update. I wasn't able to go online during it so maybe that is what the OP meant? It didn't take long though. I was able to get back on shortly after it finished.
  11. I never watch the news but my mother did tell me that they said they keep finding new cases in the US but it is not highly contagious over here so it is nothing to worry about. She only mentioned it to me when I was there because I brought up my brother (who works at a hospital). She panics over everything and she isn't panicking.
  12. Look at the mention counts. I have gotten through to them on there before for GTA. Worth a try dude. They were just active on there an hour ago.
  13. Are you on PC? If so, try updating your audio drivers. Sometimes they get messed up when Windows does an update for certain games/launchers. You can also try running a trouble-shooting search just to see if anything pops up.
  14. I don't know what help this will be considering, like mentioned, they already have our money but if enough people sign it and start talking about it, other people will take notice and their rep as a gaming company will be hurt by it. To what extent? I don't know but maybe it will cause them to do something to fix the game's issues.
  15. I had trouble finding them after I had caught the legendary one. Not sure why. I checked in the place you both mentioned and couldn't find any. Wasn't sure what to do about it. I gave up after awhile.
  16. Good to know... If I happen to be on a server and see some bags, I will just pick them up next time. I mean if nothing is going to come from it, why not? lol
  17. True I guess. I mean I wasn't on forums or anything like that till like 2005 myself. I guess people just complained to people they knew and that was it.
  18. Oh for sure. People like to really bash Rockstar (not on here but other places) without realizing that almost all games that are made for console and then later made for a PC release (or made for a PC release at the same time) will have tons of issues. My sister plays that Sims game on PS4 and she is always complaining and I told her just to get it for PC. The issue is a two-way street.
  19. I never heard of such a thing in this game. I thought once you get off a server or go offline and then come back, it wipes the slate. Am I missing something?
  20. I somewhat remember this. I don't remember getting any dialog for it though. Like he is kind of just looking an utter mess and is pissed. I think Dave might be right.
  21. I haven't seen any mods for this myself but I kind of remember there being one for GTA V. That used to annoy the hell out of me on that game but I don't stop long enough in RDR2 to notice is. I don't recall seeing an option to turn it off either which seems stupid.
  22. My buddy plays on PS and told me about this. He said for him too, it started after the holiday updates and got worse since they stopped the snow. I am thinking this is down a mistake on them so I am sure they are working on fixing it. Hopefully it gets fixed sooner rather than later.
  23. Every fan base has bad eggs. If you focus on them, they will literally ruin everything for you. As for the OP, sorry it happened and I hope Rockstar helps you out with this. It is one thing to be a troll but they took this waaaaay too far.
  24. What is the deal with money drops? Do people get banned for those cause I am always hearing about it happening in GTA V on PC now.
  25. I think a lot of the issues come down to people just expecting too much. I think we have become accustomed to expecting more from gaming and people in general so we, as people, have become prone to disappointments.
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