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the cave at Elysian pool


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At the back of this cave there's a section that is so straight that it can only be artificial. How do I get in there? There's a passage from the cave but that's blocked by fallen rock, and I can't blow it up. Also, the other entrance on the side of the mountain is also impassable. Even though it is closed off by nothing more than a few planks of wood, dynamite is ineffective. IOW, I can't get in there. Is there a side mission that makes this area accessible? If not, why is that area there?

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That's the key to the game's alternate ending. The rest of the hints, you have to find through a series of random videos of My Little Pony episodes I've uploaded to YouTube and various other video-sharing sites. Only then, when you've gathered all the clues, will you learn:

* Why that Nigerian prince keeps contacting you

* Sadie was planning on killing Abigail and taking her place Face/Off style

* Tilly is the missing princess

* Gavin's location

* What Pearson REALLY got up to in the Navy

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