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Are there any decent clip-on mics?

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My sister asked for a clip on mic for Christmas. She wants it mainly for skype/discord calls so the quality has to be good. I see cheap ones all over online but I don't wanna get her garbage. I usually spend around $50 on her so if there is a good one for that or less, can someone point me to it? 

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7 hours ago, EjectedCasings said:

I've heard good things about the Samson Go mic, but I don't own one. Not necessarily a clip mic, but it's small, and it's like $30

I used one of them for years. Ended up buying 3 cause I broke two of them. They sound the best in terms of a budget mic but not ideal if you intend on using them while moving around. I used mine mainly on my laptop or clipped to my monitor for skype calls when I used to use skype. 

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