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Fishing Rod Not in Kit


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Okay, calling all veterans of RDR2! I’m in level 16 now, purchased my fishing rod from a woman at a shack for something like $35. Bought some worms for bait. Shouldn’t my fishing rod appear under my “Kits” menu? In the catalogue it shows it as purchased but for the life of me I can’t get access to it anywheres. Even hit the TAB to look and see if the horse was carrying it in order to change it out on the wheel...nope. Nothing. Do you need to be at a certain location in order for it to appear? I wouldn’t think so. Weird.

Forgot to mention this is online and in free roam.

Thanks in advance! Otherwise, despite a few CTD’s still enjoying the game. Found numerous bugs/glitches and all send off on ticket to Rockstar.

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