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I'm a little late on the intro. Sorry. I try to always respect the rules of forums but I didn't read them thoroughly and see that I should introduce myself. (How could I expect to always respect the rules if I don't read them carefully? I know.)

I had been waiting avidly for RDR2 to come out on PC, which is what I am playing. I have played half the story version, but then tried online and that is what I am doing. It is really great! I have played all of the Elder Scrolls games, which I loved, but I like this even better!

I got stuck a couple of times on content and people have been great about answering my posts! Thank you!

I love everything about RDR2.org! You do a great job!


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Welcome to the forum, glad you like it here and it is nice to see new people signing up. 

Come the finish, I am sure you will fully enjoy the story as well. It is one of my favorites in terms of gaming.

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