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the old brass compass and dutch's pipe

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i got the naval compass for pearson (although he hasn't asked for it yet) from the braithwaites' boat house, but where is the old brass compass? i want that for a trinket (or was it a talisman?) Is it somewhere in saint denis, on a ship maybe?


this brings up another issue: dutch has asked for a pipe, and i have one that says "pipe belonging to dutch" but when i talk to him, the option to give him the damn thing does not appear. what's going on?

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With the companion items, you can't give the items to the people while you're in a scripted conversation that leads up to a mission.  Walk up to Dutch while nothing else is going on and you should be given the option to give him the pipe instead of talking to him.  From what I recall, recipients of these items should show up as blue dots on your mini-map.

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