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Split point ammo



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When you get the various types of ammo in your inventory you can switch between them to see what advantages they provide to damage for instance. As for dead eye, I don't use it myself so I'm unsure what benefits if any carry over from the campaign in that respect.

I use the high power stuff (forget what it's called) and explosive ammo mostly. .....never used split point except for a mission it had me equip it and anything I get for free.

Others use it however and I'm sure for good reason. I'm sure someone will be along to help out in clarifying its benefits.

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Basically for me it's:

-Go to catalouge

-Order tons of regular ammo

-Go to post office whenever I need to stock up

-Realize how much better express is

-Stock up on that

-Have a ton of regular ammo sitting in my inbox

Whenever I fight NPC's, I just switch to regular because Express is noticeably more expensive and I want to get rid of it from my inbox. Express for PVP because I don't have the explosive shells yet. Pretty sure that split point in Online doesn't give you as much of a DMG boost as Express, but it also gives a velocity boost.

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