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Tell me your Ability Card loadout


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Hey Cowpokes,

I'm always interested in why and what players use for their main game play loadout. I am a PVE player so I only have my current loadout. More than welcome to include a PVP loadout I'd be interested in why that. Right now I've been using Quite an Inspiration, The Gift of Focus, Eye for an Eye, Live for the Fight

Quite an Inspiration gives me decent health rejen with the ability to run and take damage

The Gift of Focus boots Eye for an Eye and Hopefully helps with tonics if I ever use them... plus helps me stay in Deadeye longer with headshots on NPC's

Eye for an Eye basically stated above.... NPC headshots keep me in Deadeye and healing

Live for the Fight helps me on the many sessions I get with few animals to gain Deadeye (I'm lazy and don't use tonics). Also on missions between skirmishes I can get something back. I like knowing I have full deadeye   

In my game it's all about accuracy not damage and if I'm healing I don't need the % defense. I have read somewhere that you build your setup around your Deadeye card and it seems to work for me. 

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 Never uses dead-eye but you have to pick one so I have choosen point black as no1.

   Fool me once, Necessity Breeds and Winning Streak together makes me a hard man to kill since they all increases my firepower while enemys firepower gets reduced


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I don't do much PvP as I'm usually a solo player & I've not suffered much [any] in the way of "true" griefing so my Ability set-up is designed to help me explore & collect as I focus on completing Daily Challenges & gathering full sets to sell for $$ so my loadout is:-

A Moment To Recuperate 3

Come Back Stronger 3

Sharpshooter 3

The Unblinking Eye 3


I've been considering changing some cards out to maximise horseback damage/accuracy & took advantage of the card sale & free card they offered us to pick ip a couple of new ones but haven't put much playtime into building them up so that hasn't happened yet

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