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Vannising Skins


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I've had this happen to me one day for every skin I took vanishing, sometimes immediately I took it, other times in mid air as I tried to load it to my horse [since bought a wagon] 

I was convinced it was a player hack but maybe it's just a bug as it's not happened since & this was a few weeks ago -  it lasted for a few hours so I ended up switching off - never happened since.

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Noticed this too the last couple of days. 

I first noticed it when I killed three wolves on the road ... The first skin disappeared but the other two stored on the horse. I thought I dropped it somewhere and looked around for a while ... figured I did something wrong w/ the keyboard.

Then it happened again with wolves and everytime with pigs/boars. I purposely ... immediately killed and skinned a deer to see what would happen and that stored OK.

I have been wearing an outfit w/ a sombrero the last couple of days and got into a fight in Blackwater with an NPC near the butcher table ... When the fight was over I looked all over the place for the sombrero and it was no where to be found ... (just got another off the horse) ... 

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19 minutes ago, SplattMcnasty said:

Well here it is Friday and STILL the problem persists. No longer getting pissed off I AM pissed off. Hunting and skinning is my favorite part of the game. This may be a game breaker it it don't get fixed soon

Well, did you try reporting it to R*?  Either you can do that or cross your fingers it fixes itself.

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52 minutes ago, SplattMcnasty said:

Yes I have sent in 2 bug reports on it.


Good.  I'm just saying because while discussing the matter with fellow community members here is all well and good, we are not affiliated with R* or Take Two.  ....in other words, we can't really do anything about bugs.

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