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Is there a way to save your game after using cheats?



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From what I've read, cheevos and saving is disabled as soon as you enable your first cheat.  I guess because doing so has an effect on your game, even after you've disabled the cheat.

I'd strongly advise you to finish the game as much as you want to before experimenting with cheats.  It probably makes sense to use a previous save game slot in Chapter 2 or 3 so that you can really have fun in the missions and open world.


From https://www.rdr2.org/cheats/rdr2/

Why can't you save after using cheats?

Rockstar has made the disabling of saves once a cheat has been activated something of a rule in their games.

This, coupled with the disabling of achievements too, further support the idea that perhaps cheats in Rockstar titles aren't "cheats" in the traditional sense, but optional gameplay modifiers designed to simply be fun to play around with once you've exhausted the regular content.

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