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Ghost of Tsushima

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I'm fairly late to the party, but just started playing this - since I finished RDR2 a long time ago.  I've actually got pretty bored with the range of Xbox games available so I had to buy a PS4 Pro to get into some other games (Tsushima, Last of Us, possibly Death Stranding).

A couple of hours into Ghost and the parallels with RDR2 are pretty striking.  There's a lot of riding around the countryside dealing with both random and scripted scenes.

The frustrating part (aside from learning a new controller!) is the camera. In RDR2, the camera was relaxed and the vistas were wide - it never got in the way of the action, or the scenery.  In Ghost, the camera is far closer to the player, claustrophobically so - I know there's stunning vistas there, but I hardly ever get to enjoy them.  Close-quarters combat also suffers because of this.

On the plus side, Ghost never has your horse running full gallop into trees or small stones.  There's a lot to enjoy about this game though - I think I'll be spending a long time here.

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Yeah, I like the game a lot.  As far as the parallels to RDR, Nate Fox (GoT Director) said that game was their number one inspiration. 

"I would say the number one inspiration for the title was Red Dead Redemption -- not Red Dead 2 but Red Dead Redemption -- because they did such a fantastic job bringing the fantasy of being an outlaw cowboy to life."

I haven't really paid attention to the camera angle so I guess it doesn't bother me as much.  I did fear the combat would be "button mashing" but it's actually done quite well.  I like that they didn't go overboard with the fantastical elements in the game as the world still feels grounded.  

I took a break from it to finish Days Gone first but I will be returning.

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Yeah, the combat in GoT is pretty technical.  I've died more than a few times already, but that's down to me being a fumble-fingered klutz.

On my list, I have LOU (Remastered) and LOU2.  I watched a complete playthrough of Days Gone and it does seem like fun to me - not sure I'd get around to it though.  I've also watched a walkthrough of LOU2, which seems to be a complete powerhouse of a game (I've never seen a game more emotionally involving than this).

It's taking me a while to get used to the PS controller and the difference in layouts.  The change of the X button location is frustrating enough in itself after years of XYBA.

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Days Gone was really buggy when it came out.  Still has some residual glitches but not any worse than other titles IMO.  ....I got it at a deeply discounted price not long ago.

I like the story although the gunplay feels a little disconnected not unlike R* titles feel to me.  It's still fun though. 

I liked TLOU and even repurchased / played the remaster on PS4.  However, I didn't buy TLOU2 because I don't particularly like the "on rails" experience although the story made up for it in the first iteration of the series and I didn't particularly feel engaged with the character(s) / theme / story in the latest one.  

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Yeah, not a fan of the CoD campaigns for that reason and in fact, MW was the first title in the franchise I've purchased in years.  .....but the reason I bought the game was for the online content even though I did play the SP part and it was kinda fun.

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Well that was certainly a lot easier to Platinum than I thought it would be.  Thoroughly enjoyable game, but I'm not sure there's much in the way of replay material there once you've done all of the side tales.

The fact that the director refernces RDR1 makes sense since development started 5 years ago and would have been well on by the time RDR2 was released.  To be honest, I wanted more out of Tsushima, playing it, I really missed the depth that RDR2 gives us where almost every NPC had a life they were living and one you could eavesdrop into.  Then again, I didn't really miss the unending grind to find all of the animals and herbs.

The graphics in Tsushima are glorious though and I still wish that the camera wasn't so tight and allowed me to experience the effort that Sucker Punch put into the environment.  I hardly ever used fast travel in RDR2, and I pretty much always did in GoT - maybe that's saying something.

Still, it's hard to beat petting a fox and using your horse as a pillow.

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Yeah.....  Still interested in trying out the coop although I wasn't really pumped about the focus on fantastical elements.  I know the campaign still has them but they never got too outrageous with it.  ....it is essentially still grounded up to a point.  

I actually stopped playing the campaign as I was getting into a couple other titles and then when I was going to return, I thought I might hold off and do a new playthrough on the PS5 when I get it.  .....if I can find one.

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no need to rush, legends gets super repetative since there aint mutch diveristy.

the loot is 110% rng, legendarys is realy rare to get unless you can do nightmare difficulty(or story act 1 endless times for speed runs, but you dont want that if you want to keep your sanity). speaking of survival, difficulty is imo scaled badly.

on a scale to 10, bronze would be 2, silver 4, gold 6,,, nightmare 11........ what the raids are i dont want to think about. when 9/10 gold survivals randoms are completed whitout any hazzle, but 9/10 randoms cant even survive past wave 5 on survival nightmare, you know the upscaling is done wrong.

rewards are too low aswell, rerolling of items is very, very important but the currency you need is given out soo little amounts. you complete a 50 min gold survival(cuz it realy does take 45-55 min) and the amount of currency you get can only grant you two! rerolls........... (and there is ALOT of stats and bonuses meaning getting the correct roll is so da,n hard) it is worse then diablo 3 pre RoS.

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