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What is your collection of western movies and TV series


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List your collection of western movies and TV series!. 



Deadwood The Movie - 2019

Frank and Jessie - 1994 

Open Range - 2003 

Purgatory - 1999 

Support Your Local Gunfighter - 1971 

Support Your Local Sheriff - 1969 

The Kid - 2019 

The Searchers - 1956  

Tombstone - 1993 

True Grit - 1969 

Wyatt Earp - 1994 

Wyatt Earp's Revenge - 2012 


TV Series

Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. 

Deadwood: Season 1 

Deadwood: Season 2 

Deadwood: Season 3 







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.....yeah, I really don't have a collection of westerns.   I do like a lot of old ones though (50's - 60s) probably because I'm old myself.  I do like some of the more grittier ones from recent years and found some of those from the 80's / 90s don't hold up so well (although perhaps were cool when they came out).

Cowboys and Aliens.....  That was one of those I had low expectations of and while it wouldn't win any awards in my book, it is still entertaining.  Must be because I like sci-fi as well.  

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