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Collector's Role



Is the collector's role still worth it since the randomisation of drops. In 4 days I haven't been able to complete a single set. in my opinion, this role is now broken...disappointed...

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Hi Wolf and welcome.

I would encourage you to take a minute and fill out you profile including the platform you're playing on.  There are some nuances between PC, XB1 and in some cases even PS4 with the early access aspects, etc.  

Thank You.


As for the question regarding the Trader Role, I haven't really delved into it so I'm not well versed in how it all works but I'm sure someone else will know and chime in.

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Firstly, let me start by saying I STILL use the Jean Ropke/community collectors map 

Now to answer your question:-

No, the role isn't broken, it is IMO now working as the Devs originally intended.

Collector was always a big payer when used in conjunction with the map, this however is technically a cheat as it is not provided by R* but has been cracked/deciphered by the players & created to make the collectors role easier. Therefore, it is now more in line with the other roles for payouts - Bounty Hunts take a good 5 minutes plus to get very low $$ rewards, even making strong moonshine [without lowering mash price] only pays out $244 [less $50 mash] for almost 1 hour of gameplay, even the new naturalist pays out very low $$ for turning in samples to the lunatic Harriet.

Although, IMO $$$ are pretty useless it's Gold Bars that are the real currency!

Now, let me just address this to anyone that is still trying to rank up collector - this is still possible & it is still possible to make full sets just not as quickly & not as often, as I said above, IMO this is now WAI by the Devs, consider the Weekly Collection - the Devs give us 7 days to find 3 items when most days I can make the collection & hand in multiple times per week - that signals just how it was intended to originally work IMO.

The thing to do is play the game in the new style brought in by the Naturalist role - slow down, take it all in, stalk & sample animals, kill & skin them for selling to Gus [for more low $$$ payouts] & make the clothing sets [if you want to fork out between $250 - $700+] for cosmetic only items that offer no better protection than a thick coat [& in a lot of cases don't work with Never Without One!!

Don't get me wrong, the RNG sucks & I miss the days of 4 straight hours of collecting & turning in sets but now I just keep item levels to a certain point - I can say I have 5 sets of everything stored - except Arrows & Coins [2 of the sets that have been heavily impacted by the new RNG] & keep no more than 8 of most collection items loose in my satchel [except Caribbean Rum for Moonshining & Scotch Whisky as the Antique Alcohol mechanic is broken for me & no matter what I drink I consume a Scotch - Eggs of certain types I keep at 6 or 7 for the occasional collect challenge & some coins which the RNG refuses to give me!] everything else I sell down to 8 to Madam Nazar who I now visit twice per session so I don't draw a blank when I get to a random spot [although u still get the XP]!

If you are trying to level up Collector I know the changes will have slowed the progression down but it is by no means broken & can be done in tandem with most other activities such as Trade Route, Protect Legendary & Animal Tagging, all of which pay XP & $$.

Don't give up just take it slow & use the map if you want to!


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Ok, now I understand with the explanation Sigil provided and I agree, its not broken.  

You have to understand that R* can see the activity of folks that play RDO and realized what was happening.  

I do recall playing with some friends and we were doing some collecting.  I didn't know what map they were using but they knew exactly where to go.  In all honesty, I found it quite boring as there was no sense of accomplishment for me or discovery.  It felt like a cheat.

Either way, I agree that it working like I think they intended it to from the beginning.  A lot of folks were exploiting it the other way so they made the change.

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