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sharpshooter 6


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today i tried to do this challenge but i got stuck. the first attempt was only 483 feet, so i tried longer distances, but the challenge still says 483 feet. i went to hanging dog ranch, just barely close enough to make the 2 guards at the main gate appear. but even at that distance it didnt count, and it still said 483 feet. whats going on? is this a bug?

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I seem to remember that I got this at hanging dog as well, I sniped one of the guys on the water tower from across the valley.  The description doesn't mention "enemy", so any NPC should do as well.  Perhaps try another location, like the hill above Valentine or St Denis.

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4 hours ago, Trespasser said:

they need to be marked as a red dot first bec if not they're not yet considered hostile

They don't need to be enemies for this challenge - anyone will do.  The guides often advise to target gang members so that your honor level isn't affected.

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